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WeatherSnoop 3 User Guide

Our User Guide is designed to help you get the most out of WeatherSnoop 3. It's written to guide you step-by-step through the program and includes lots of great information.
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Supported Stations

Have a weather station and want to see if it's supported? Or just looking for one we do support? Visit our station support page.
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Join the Community

Become part of our vibrant WeatherSnoop community. Join the forums and gain access to additional information and resources.

WeatherSnoop 3 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of WeatherSnoop 3?
WeatherSnoop 3 is a complete personal weather station management application on the Mac.

  • Supports legacy versions of Mac OS X back to 10.5.8 (Leopard) and includes PowerPC support.
  • Multi-station support thanks to a Site Document model. Each document carries station settings and archived historical data inside of a file package that can be saved anywhere on the file system, copied, etc. Site Documents make managing your weather station data extremely easy.
  • We've tightened the station integration in WeatherSnoop 3. This means WeatherSnoop 3 more closely supports each station and its weather properties than WeatherSnoop 2.
  • Instrument and gauge windows now fully reflect capabilities of the weather station being supported.
  • Reports allow you to view the day's highs and lows for a given date range, as well as details on your archived data.
Is there upgrade pricing for WeatherSnoop 2 users who want to move to WeatherSnoop 3?
Unfortunately, no. WeatherSnoop 3 has been built from the ground up as a completely new product .
Will you continue to support WeatherSnoop 2?
WeatherSnoop 2 support ended on December 31, 2015. We are no longer providing upgrades and bug fixes.
Can I upgrade my WeatherSnoop 2 setup to WeatherSnoop 3?
Because of the differences in the model of the data store for WeatherSnoop 2 and WeatherSnoop 3, there are no migration tools available.
Why have you dropped support for certain stations in WeatherSnoop 3 that were supported in WeatherSnoop 2?
Going forward with WeatherSnoop 3, we have decided to only support stations whose manufacturers provided their protocol either openly or directly to us. Some stations that were supported in WeatherSnoop 2 were done so without full protocol specifications in hand, causing a number of support issues for us. The manufacturers were either non-responsive with our support requests (Oregon Scientific) or advised us that their protocol was not public (LaCrosse Technology). If you would like to see WeatherSnoop 3 support these manufacturers' stations, we recommend contacting them directly and letting them know.
WeatherSnoop 4 Frequently Asked Questions
What's new in WeatherSnoop 4?
WeatherSnoop 4 is a complete redesign, focusing on both user experience and user interface improvements. It is also much more focused on expandability through its plug-in architecture, which was present in WeatherSnoop 3 but not well exploited. With WeatherSnoop 4, developers can create plug-ins for specific weather stations, sharing services, and just about any other functionality they need.
Where do I purchase WeatherSnoop 4?
You can purchase a license within the application itself. You're given the opportunity to purchase the app each time you launch it. Once purchased, a license key will be emailed to you.
Will you continue to sell and support WeatherSnoop 3?
Yes. Because WeatherSnoop 3 supports both Intel and PowerPC Macs all the way back to Mac OS X 10.5, it will continue to be sold through our website, the Mac App Store, and our network of sellers.
If I buy WeatherSnoop 3, will I get WeatherSnoop 4 too?
No. Each product is sold separately. We are, however, offering an introductory price on WeatherSnoop 4 that will remain in effect for some time.
Can WeatherSnoop 4 read my WeatherSnoop 3 Site Document?
Yes. WeatherSnoop 4 can import a WeatherSnoop 3 Site Document and automatically create a WeatherSnoop 4 version.
Will my WeatherSnoop 3 license work with WeatherSnoop 4?
No. WeatherSnoop 4 uses an entirely new licensing scheme. A WeatherSnoop 3 license is not transferrable to WeatherSnoop 4.
Why doesn't WeatherSnoop 4 support my station?
Some stations that WeatherSnoop 3 supported are not available in WeatherSnoop 4 at the moment. We are continually evaluating weather stations to support.
Will WeatherSnoop 4 be available on the Mac App Store?
For now, we have no plans to make WeatherSnoop 4 available on the Mac App Store.
Does WeatherSnoop 4 have all of the features in earlier versions?
WeatherSnoop 4 has been redesigned from the ground up, so some features have not made it into the application.
  • Data Custodian
  • Graphs
  • Weather Summary
Weather Notes
We ask for your patience as we work on bringing some of these features to a future version of WeatherSnoop 4.